Bukkit Aircraft plugin

This plugin allows you to create an aircraft out of anything you’ve built. You just right click the object you want to fly with and you are all good to go – or fly. Of course it comes with many commands that provide a lot of cool features, see the list below.

Clock recipe

The aircraft is a group of blocks that you can move in all directions by clicking or holding the mouse button (left or right – doesn’t matter) while looking in the desired direction. It only works when you are holding certain item in your hand. By default it is the Clock.

Creating the aircraft is done using the pilot command (see below). After you issue the command, the plugin is prepared for the selection and you just need to right-click any of the blocks of your future aircraft. The plugin will find all the other blocks itself.

Installing the plugin

Like all of the other Bukkit plugins, you just copy the JAR file inside the ‘plugins‘ directory of your Bukkit server. After the server starts (or reloads), a new folder named ‘Aircraft‘ should appear in the ‘plugins‘ directory with ‘config.yml‘ file inside. This file contains the settings for the plugin:


Everything is handled using the /aircraft command or its shorter version /ac and one of the sub-commands:

 /ac  alias of /ac pilot
 /ac pilot  Creates a new aircraft. If you already have an aircraft it will be unloaded.
 /ac copilot <player>  Grants the pilot rights to a player. The player does not have to be an OP.
 /ac unpilot <player>  Removes the pilot rights from a copilot.
 /ac stop  Unloads your current aircraft.
 /ac delete  Unloads your current aircraft and removes its blocks.
 /ac destroy  alias of /ac delete
 /ac noclip  Toggles collisions on/off.
 /ac ground  Moves your aircraft to the ground level.
 /ac board [player]  Teleports you (or the specified player) aboard your aircraft.
 /ac speed <speed>  Sets the speed of your aircraft. Use values from 1 to 10.
 /ac tp  Teleports your aircraft to you.
 /ac help  Displays the list of available commands with descriptions.
 /ac ?  alias of /ac help


I tested the plugin on both CraftBukkit and Spigot servers, Minecraft versions 1.7.10 and 1.8.6. I assume that older versions should work too since the plugin does not use any special blocks or new features of the game.

Issues & ToDo list

Get Aircraft

Source on GitHub: https://github.com/calmdownval/Aircraft
JAR download: http://products.sunkenbridge.com/?app=download&id=2

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