Dice Heroes: Final Boss Walkthrough

How to defeat Ratt, the boss of the Diceland. Dice Heroes, a game by Rat Recommends Games. Turn-based RPG strategy game. Be sure to check this game out if you haven’t already, it’s awesome!
Spoiler alert… obviously!


If you got through all the 50 levels of Diceland and optionally through the 7 bonus levels of Dark Fortress, you probably have all your die leveled to 6 with all items available. If so, equip your die with items like this:


In the boss level there are 5 special tiles. They are highlighted by 5 colors representing each class in the game (red for warrior, green for archer, light blue for healer, purple for wizard and dark blue for shaman). The boss, Ratt, is invulnerable until you place your die on these tiles, matching the colors, of course. Each turn, Ratt spawns 3 new minions. Warriors, wizards, archers or shamans can be spawned, but no healers. Spawned die are equipped with special items unavailable from the items shop. Spawned die are really powerful thanks to these items, but have no special abilities.

Your primary goal is to place your die on the special tiles to disable Ratt’s invulnerability. Once his shield falls, you can leave these tiles – the shield won’t renew. Ratt’s defense is still high though. He has a constant defense value of 2, so you cannot kill him with Iron Arrows, Fire Tornados or Swords. You have to Berserk him with one of your warriors. (You could also poison him, but that would take far too long and he would spawn a lot of minions before dying. That would make the fight unnecessarily harder.)

Step 1: Placing die

Start by placing your die as the picture shows.


Step 2: Healers

Healers go first. The healer on the left stays with the group. Since the healer has 5:6 chance to roll the Amulet of Protection, the whole group will most likely get protection +1.
Your healer on the right side however has to get to the special tile. Just use his Teleport ability …aaand done!


Step 3: Warriors

Your warriors will march straight towards Ratt so you can berserk him asap once you disable his shield.


Step 4: Teleport #1

Move your right shaman away to safety. He has 100% chance to roll Staff of Teleportation so you can now teleport one of your die: Teleport your right wizard to his special tile.


Step 5: Teleport #2

Move your left shaman towards his special tile. Again, you will roll Staff of Teleportation. This time teleport your upper left warrior to his special tile.


Step 6: Archer

Move your left archer up. Luckily you’ll roll Elven Boots so you can jump to the special tile right away.
After this turn, Ratt will get his. He’ll spawn 3 minions that you have to deal with. They might kill some of your die – do not hesitate to use Resurrection especially if one of your die on the special tiles is killed. If one of your die gets enthralled, don’t worry. Your dice even though it’s enthralled still counts if it’s standing on the special tile. If it moves away, Teleport it back with your shamans.


Step 7: Warriors & Shaman

After Ratt’s turn, use your wizards and remaining die to kill as many of the spawned minions as possible. When your warriors get a turn (except the warrior on the special tile) move towards Ratt to be right next to him. I’m not gonna display the warriors here since this step depends on the spawned minions and cannot be predicted.
Finally, move your left shaman to his special tile and optionally teleport your left archer to his tile if you didn’t roll the Elven Boots before.


Step 8: Ratt

Now you should have all your die on their places and hopefully at least one of your warriors survived and is standing right next to Ratt. When you get your turn, use Berserk on him and that’s it. Ratt is dead. Now all that’s left are the spawned minions. The strategy isn’t 100% but most times Ratt only gets his turn twice which means only 6 minions you have to deal with, which is not that hard.


As rewards, you get the special items used by the summoned minions for your own die. These items give you the ultimate power, with these you’ll ace every PvP battle. Check them all out here:


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