Bukkit ZeusMod Plugin

This plugin allows you to change your walk or fly speed with a press of a button. It also allows you to teleport through walls or to instant-kill anything by a struck of lightning.

Golden Boots recipe

If you enjoy playing in creative mode then you probably know how annoying it is to type /speed x over and over again. Digging a hole in a wall just to get through and then having to find the right block to repair the damage. And so on.

With this plugin you define an item that:

By default the control item are golden boots – ID317.

Installing the plugin

Like all of the other Bukkit plugins, you just copy the JAR file inside the ‘plugins‘ directory of your Bukkit server. After the server starts (or reloads), a new folder named ‘ZeusMod‘ should appear in the ‘plugins‘ directory with ‘config.yml‘ file inside. This file contains the settings for the plugin:


The plugin only has one command – /zspeed. It allows you to change the fly and the walk speed when you’re holding the control item. The command has one or two arguments:

 /zspeed <speed>  Sets both walk and fly speed to the given percentage.
 /zspeed <walk> <fly>  Sets walk and fly speed to given percentages.

All speed values are in percentages and should range from 10% to 100%. However if you enter any number outside the range the value will be set to the closest possible number and no error will be generated. By default both speeds are set to 40%.


The plugin should work under any version of CraftBukkit or Spigot server as it doesn’t use any feature specific to more recent versions of servers or Minecraft itself. Please note that the plugin features are only available to OPped players.

Get ZeusMod

Source on GitHub: https://github.com/calmdownval/ZeusMod
JAR download: http://products.sunkenbridge.com/?app=download&id=1

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